Tidens Tecken, installation and performance 2024

Österängens konsthall, Jönköping. 

Photo: Marcus Gyllborg Österängens konsthall

 Vuxit ur alla skor, 2023

 performance at Smålandstriennalen 

Tidens Tecken, video stills

Day/Night Care, 2016

performance and event with Alice Slyngstad 

Louise Dany, Oslo 

BEVARA SVERIGE SÄMST, Norra Tornen, 2022

Collaboration with David Tudén

Don't marry me I'm gross, Printed 2016 by Ylva Greni

Publicated in Bazar book fair 2020 

LIMBO, 2021

performance at Black Box Theater
Collaboration with Roza and Ronak Moshtaghi
photo: Josh Lake

Stills from performance Tick, Tack (The biological clock) Henriksberg 2020

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